Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Read just about any old-school sales training text--even some of the new ones--and you are bound to find a reference to a Yale University study describing the dozen most persuasive words in the English language. I squeezed 11 into the title of this update before I ran out of room. 

Trouble is, it was b.s.
The folks that trumpeted the study cited Yale's Communication and Attitude Change Project as its source. Project member Robert P. Abelson recalls letters pouring into his office asking for more data.
The study never existed. Neither did Marketing Magazine, which also was credited with the research.
I still love free, and I guarantee proven results.
On November 1 - 3, Alloy Press (that's me) will partner with Amazon to give away FREE Kindle copies of Little Deadly Things.  Tell your friends! No one needs attend Yale or a sales meeting to get a free copy. One simply needs to own a Kindle, or use a Kindle application on another device.
LDT is a futuristic thriller for those who don't read thrillers...and those who do. What happens when abusive parents raise brilliant children? You might get a saint. You might get a killer. Or you might get one of each. Nanotechnology made Eva Rozen the world's wealthiest woman. Rage made her the deadliest.
Why the give away?
I'm doing this because we're heading into the busiest time of year for book sales, Christmas. I want lots of people to read LDT and then purchase many copies as gifts.
You can help. Easy-peasy.
If you haven't placed an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads, I beg you to do so. As of this writing, there are 22 reviews between those sites. The more reviews, the more seriously people will take this offering. .
That means you have to read the book. You'll love it!. All but 1 Amazon reviews is 5-star. The other is a fair 4-star review. According to Amazon the most-common review statements are:
  --"A very smart read..." (9 reviewers made similar statements, says Amazon)
  --"This book had me riveted...a page-turner." (9 reviewers made similar statements says Amazon)
  --"...a glimpse into what the future may hold for us.” (5 reviewers made similar statements says Amazon)
Read. Review. Spread the word.
Freebies coming November 1 - 3. Be part of history. Help LDT make the Amazon best-seller list, even if for only 3 days. 
That will be a very good deed--and good for your Health, which is word number twelve.

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