Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top this one? Who doesn't love a good story.

Zippy the Dog. 

I love a great story.
"There's Always a Dog" is a collection of great stories—mostly true—and there's always a dog somewhere in the tale. Think, Where's Waldo? with Fido.
Sometimes the dog is a just a quick but unforced mention. My blogpost, "What the caveman saw—lessons from a 17,000 year old blog" begins with the words, "In 1940, four teenagers and a dog named Rocket stumbled into a warren of caves..."
Or a dog may be the point. Check out, "Killing for Art: Can a Snuff Filmmaker Be Redeemed?" It’s a creepy, fact based account that provoked a firestorm of discussion in a writers group.
I enjoy writing about science as well as writing stories, and you'll find the occasional post about storytelling with a science based theme. The aforementioned, "What the caveman saw..." is about mirror neurons, which, if they really exist (I'm a believer) explain why writing coaches beg us to 'show, not tell'.
Guest posts are welcome. Just figure out how to get a dog in there, meaningfully. Comments,  passionate disagreement—always welcome.
It’s 7:21AM here in Beantown. The sun is shining—not always the case in Boston—and the dogs, Zippy & Phoebe, keep poking my knees with their noses. Time for walkies.


  1. I'm so happy to see my favorite story teller has joined the blogosphere. I can hardly wait for more!